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Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what is the internet code for Bouvet Island?

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the internet code for Bouvet Island is - ".bv".


Information about .bv domains
There are estimated to be about N/A domains with .bv suffix (2014).
The Intended use for .bv domains is for entities connected with Bouvet Island.
Actual use: Not in use; authorities decided that use of the .no domain is sufficient.
The .bv internet code was Introduced in 1997.
The Sponsoring Organisation for .bv domains is "UNINETT Norid A/S".
Structure of .bv ccTLD: Not in use.
Registration restrictions of .bv domain: No registrations are being taken.
UNINETT Norid A/S's contact details - See link.
For .bv domain registration click on the following link - See link.
You can see more details about the .bv ccTLD in Wikipedia - See link.


Internet website in Bouvet Island with .bv code (2014)
.bv code is used by less than 0.10% of all world's websites.


Internet ipaddress and mailsevers
IP Addresses: 1,160.




Domain Count Statistics for TLDs - See link
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