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Who is John Hamilton Gray? (politics)

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I am stuck with my re homework and it is to do with Holy Week! I need help!? I should write about John Hamilton Gray. I know he was a famous politician and one of the Fathers of Confederation, Will appreciate if anyone can tell me more about John Hamilton Gray.
asked Jul 13, 2011 in people by anonymous

3 Answers

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John Hamilton Gray (14 June 1811 – 13 August 1887) was Premier of Prince Edward Island from 1863 – 1865 and one of the Fathers of Confederation.....  view more...
answered Jul 14, 2011 by Robert Bruce Gray (1,700 points)
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John Hamilton Gray’s father emigrated from Glasgow to Virginia in 1771 and during the American revolution fought on the loyalist side. When the war ended he sought refuge in Shelburne, N.S., and in 1787 was invited by Lieutenant Governor Edmund Fanning to assume several important official functions on Prince Edward Island.
The elder Gray later married the daughter of Lieutenant George Burns, a proprietor and prominent public figure who had come to the Island in 1764. Thus, by the time of the birth of John Hamilton in 1811, the Gray family was established solidly within the ruling upper class of the Island, and his career, both as soldier and as politician, was to a great extent predetermined by family tradition.
answered Jul 21, 2011 by Robert Bruce Gray (1,700 points)
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After receiving his formal education on the Island and in England, John Hamilton Gray, one of two gentlemen of the same name attending the Charlottetown conference, entered the British army at the age of 19. For more than twenty years he served in the 7th Dragoon Guards in campaigns in South Africa and India. In 1856 he retired from military service and returned to his hometown although he spent time as colonel of P.E.I.'s volunteer brigade.
answered Jul 21, 2011 by anonymous