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Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what is the internet code for Niue?

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the internet code for Niue is - ".nu".


Information about .nu domains
There are estimated to be about 230,287 domains with .nu suffix (2014).
The Intended use for .nu domains is for entities connected with Niue.
Actual use: Used for a multitude of sites all over, few with any connection to Niue; especially popular in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium since "nu" is Swedish, Danish and Dutch for "now".
The .nu internet code was Introduced in 1997.
The Sponsoring Organisation for .nu domains is "The IUSN Foundation".
Structure of .nu ccTLD: Registrations permitted at second level.
Registration restrictions of .nu domain: None.
The IUSN Foundation's contact details - See link.
For .nu domain registration click on the following link - See link.
For a whois search on .nu domains click on the following link - See link
You can see more details about the .nu ccTLD in Wikipedia - See link.


Internet website in Niue with .nu code (2014)
.nu code is used by less than 0.10% of all world's websites.
Most popular websites with .nu domain


Internet ipaddress and mailsevers
IP Addresses: 3,328.
Mailservers: 1.


Number of Internet Users (2014)
Niue makes up 0.00% of the world's Internet users and it ranked on 198 place compared to other countries in the world.
According to data from internetlivestats.com there are 617 internet users in Niue, which makes up about 47.20% of Niue's population (1,307).


Search for .nu domains on google Niue - See link


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