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Who is Bruce Robinson?
I am looking for information about  Bruce Robinson, information like:Bruce Robinson's bio, movies, career, personal life etc...
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Bruce Robinson
Bruce Robinson Biography:
Following your dreams may seem to be a lucrative prospect but it is certainly not an easy one. Such can be confirmed by an English actor and writer, Bruce Robinson. He was born on the 2nd of May 1946 in Broadstairs, Kent. His acting inspirations led him to getting admitted into the respected acting school called Central School of Speech and Drama.
Bruce Robinson Career and Movies:
He got his first opportunity to show his acting skills when he received an invitation to act as Benvolio in Frank Zaffirellis’s movie remake of Romeo and Juliet. This Shakespearean romance-drama is full of depth and opportunities for an actor to prove his worth. It seemed that the 22 year old Bruce Robinson had made a commendable entrance into the film industry and his activities for the following years would certainly suggest as much. In 1970 he took part in the production of The Music Lovers which was directed by Ken Russel. In 1975 he had the chance to work with director Francis Truffaut in the production of The Story of Adele H.
At that point in his life, he was without a doubt edging towards a successful career. But despite his successful performances, for the next couple of years it was very difficult for Robinson to find any acting jobs. In an effort to improve conditions and gain some social security, Robinson accepted the fact that he could no longer hope to base his career on acting. So he began writing screenplays. His writing aptitude was first appreciated by David Puttnam who hired him to work with director Ronald Juffe for the making of the movie The Killing Fields. Contributing in a different manner to the film set must have been a successful venture for Robinson because he was appointed once again by Ronald Juffe for the filming of Fatman and Little Boy in 1989. Bringing further accolade and recognition to his career as a screenwriter, was the Academy Award nomination that he received. He also received BAFTA award for his efforts and it became a highlight of his young career.
Of course, his career had enjoyed a boost in terms of publicity two years prior to the making of Fatman and Little Boy. When he provided the foundation for the creation of the semi-autobiography, Withnail and I, he received much praise for his creativity. The film released in 1987 and depicted the tale of two actors who were struggling to survive in their professions. Many people were able to associate with the inspiration behind this film to Robinson’s early years where “Withnail” was his close friend and colleague Vivian Mackerrel, and “I” was himself. The movie did not receive much praise in the cinema halls but it was enormously popular on video. The movie was such a success that it ironically jumpstarted the acting career of Richard E. Grant who had one of the leading roles in the movie. Bruce Robinson received £80,000 for Whitney and I.
Robison teamed up with Richard E Grant once again for the filming of the movie How to Get Ahead in Advertising. Robinson himself had a role in the movie and this was his first role in seven years. He then headed on to direct Jennifer’s Eight in 1992. It was his first venture in American cinema and unfortunately it was not very well received. His screenplay efforts for Hollywood in Return to Paradise in 1998 and In Dreams the following year were also not credited as his finest works. In 1998 he published his book The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman and in 2000 he published Smoking in Bed. Following the birth of his children, he published books such as The Obvious Elephant in 2000 and Harold and the Duck in 2005.
As of yet, Robinson is directing the adaptation of the book The Rum Diary and is working with actors like Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart. The movie is scheduled to release sometime in 2011.
Bruce Robinson’s Personal Life:
Bruce Robinson was married twice in his lifetime. His first wife was Lesley Anne-Down whom he married in 1969. They got divorced ten years later and Robinson then married Sophie Wildham in 1984. They had two children together, Lily and Willoughby.
For more information pertaining to the life and works of Bruce Robinson, you can go to http://www.screenonline.org.uk/people/id/584216/
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