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Hi, Im looking for information about the national anthem of Madagascar.
Who wrote the Malagasy national anthem (lyrics and music)?
When was the national anthem of Madagascar officially adopted?
Please add any valuable information like links to anthem's mp3, video, lyrics, free sheet music etc.
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1 Answer

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The National anthem of Madagascar is "Ry Tanindraza nay malala o" which means in English "Oh, Our Beloved Fatherland".
Madagascar's anthem lyrics were written by Pasteur RAHAJASON and the music was written by Norbert RAHARISOA.
Adopted 1959.
National anthem of Madagascar free mp3 download
Press to download the mp3 file of Madagascar's National anthem - See link (file source: cia world factbook).
Listen to Madagascar national anthem on Youtube
Malagasy anthem lyrics (English translation)
First stanza
Oh, beloved land of our ancestors!
Oh beautiful Madagascar.
Our love for you will never end,
And will remain forever loyal to you.
Chorus (2X in the end):
Bless, oh Creator,
This island of our ancestors
May it have joy and happiness.
And may we be truly happy.
Second stanza
Oh beloved land of our ancestors!
We wish to serve you
With our body, heart and soul.
which are precious and dignified.
Third stanza
Oh beloved land of our ancestors!
We pray that you be blessed,
By the Creator of this world
who is the foundation of your existence.
You can find more information about Malagasy anthem on Wikipedia - See link.
Sheet Music: View the Malagasy national anthem sheet music - See link.



Madagascar flag

Conventional short form country name: Madagascar.
Conventional long form country name: Republic of Madagascar.
Local short form country name: Madagascar/Madagasikara.
Local long form country name: Republique de Madagascar/Repoblikan'i Madagasikara.
Former name of Madagascar: Malagasy Republic.
Madagascar Government Type: republic.
Republic is a representative democracy in which the people's elected deputies (representatives), not the people themselves, vote on legislation. 
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