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Hi, Im looking for information about the national anthem of New Zealand.
Who wrote the New Zealand national anthem (lyrics and music)?
When was the national anthem of New Zealand officially adopted?
Please add any valuable information like links to anthem's mp3, video, lyrics, free sheet music etc.
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The National anthem of New Zealand is "God Defend New Zealand".
New Zealand's anthem lyrics were written by Thomas BRACKEN [English], Thomas Henry SMITH [Maori] and the music was written by John Joseph WOODS.
Adopted 1940 As National Song, Adopted 1977 As Co-National Anthem; New Zealand Has Two National Anthems With Equal Status; As A Commonwealth Realm, In Addition To "God Defend New Zealand," "God Save The Queen" Serves As A National Anthem ; "God Save The Queen" Normally Is Played Only When A Member Of The Royal Family Or The Governor-General Is Present; In All Other Cases, "God Defend New Zealand" Is Played.
National anthem of New Zealand free mp3 download
Press to download the mp3 file of New Zealand's National anthem - See link (file source: cia world factbook).
Listen to New Zealand national anthem on Youtube
New Zealand anthem lyrics (Official English)
English Verse Of "God Defend New Zealand"
God of Nations at Thy feet,
In the bonds of love we meet,
Hear our voices, we entreat,
God defend our free land.
Guard Pacific's triple star
From the shafts of strife and war,
Make her praises heard afar,
God defend New Zealand.
You can find more information about New Zealand anthem on Wikipedia - See link.
Sheet Music: View the New Zealand national anthem sheet music - See link.


New Zealand
New Zealand national symbol: Southern Cross constellation (four, five-pointed stars); kiwi (bird), silver fern.

New Zealand flag

Conventional short form country name: New Zealand.
Conventional long form country name: none.
New Zealand Government Type: parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm.
Parliamentary democracy is a political system in which the legislature (parliament) selects the government - a prime minister, premier, or chancellor along with the cabinet ministers - according to party strength as expressed in elections; by this system, the government acquires a dual responsibility: to the people as well as to the parliament. 
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