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I would like to know what is the meaning of "Gonorrhea" in English and what is the correct translation in Spanish?
I saw this term in a list of ethnobotanic uses.
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Meaning of Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea, also known as gonnococcal infection, gonorrhoea and the clap is a sexually transmitted infection that is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The usual symptoms in men are a burning sensation with urination and discharge from the penis. Women have no symptoms about half the time or have vaginal discharge and pelvic pain. In both men and women, if gonorrhea is left untreated, it may spread locally, causing inflammation of the epididymis or pelvic inflammatory disease or throughout the body, affecting joints and heart valves. - See link


Gonorrhea in Spanish is Gonorrea
La gonorrea, del griego γονόρροια, (gonórrhoia: flujo de semen), también denominada blenorragia, blenorrea y gonococia, es una infección de transmisión sexual provocada por la bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae o gonococo, cuyo huésped específico es el ser humano. - See link


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