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I would like to know what is the meaning of "Ophthalmia" in English and what is the correct translation in Spanish?
I saw this term in a list of ethnobotanic uses.
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Meaning of Ophthalmia
Ophthalmia (also called ophthalmitis) is inflammation of the eye. It is a medical sign which may be indicative of various conditions, including sympathetic ophthalmia (inflammation of both eyes following trauma to one eye), gonococcal ophthalmia, trachoma or "Egyptian" ophthalmia, ophthalmia neonatorum (a conjunctivitis of the newborn due to either of the two previous pathogens), photophthalmia and actinic conjunctivitis (inflammation resulting from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays), and others. - See link


Ophthalmia in Spanish is Oftalmía
La oftalmía simpática es una enfermedad ocular de causa desconocida que se presenta entre días y años después de un traumatismo penetrante sobre el ojo - See link


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