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I am curious about the amount of calories burned in different activities. I would like to know, how many clories are burned on free weight training?
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It is possible to estimate the calories burned in  free weight training by using the MET data (Metabolic Equivalent of Task).
But weight is required in order to calculate calories burned.
I use Met Calculations for the following activity: resistance training (weight lifting, free weight, nautilus or universal), power lifting or body building, vigorous effort (Taylor Code 210) (MET= 6).
Calories are per 1 hour of activity(same for male or female).
(man/woman) weighing 50 kg = 300 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 55 kg = 360 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 60 kg = 360 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 65 kg = 390 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 70 kg = 420 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 75 kg = 450 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 80 kg = 480 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 85 kg = 510 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 90 kg = 540 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 95 kg = 570 calories.
(man/woman) weighing 100 kg = 600 calories.

source of data > https://sites.google.com/site/compendiumofphysicalactivities/
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