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I would like to know what is the meaning of "Antidote(Crab)" in English and what is the correct translation in Spanish?
I saw this term in a list of ethnobotanic uses.
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Meaning of Antidote for Crab
An allergy to shellfish may develop at any time during a person's life but tends to be present in adulthood. Shellfish allergies are most often the immune system’s response to a protein found in shellfish muscles called tropomyosin. Antibodies trigger the release of chemicals such as histamines to attack the tropomyosin. The histamine release leads to a number of symptoms that can range from mild to life-threatening. Symptoms of shellfish allergies tend to lean toward the severe. - See link


Antidote for Crab in Spanish is Antídoto (Brachyura)
La alergia al marisco no es exactamente lo mismo que la alergia a los alimentos procedentes del mar. Este último tipo de alergia engloba tanto el pescado (por ejemplo, el atún o el bacalao) como el marisco (por ejemplo, la langosta y la almeja). La alergia al marisco puede provocar una reacción muy grave, incluso aunque las reacciones presentadas previamente ante este tipo de alimento hayan sido de carácter leve. - See link


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