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Looking for informaton about Robert Forster (an actor)
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Some of the more popular names of the American big screen would be Robert Forster or as his close fans would like to call him, ‘John Casselis’. Born to Grace Dorothy and Robert Wallace Foster Senior in the culturally dynamic New York City on July 13th in 1947, this Rochester local decided what he wanted to do for the rest of his life by the time he had graduated high school.

The witness of his first ever acting performance was the Rochester Madison High School where he took part in many of the school’s performances and had liked to participate by singing and dancing. Although he had a fondness for the theatrics, Robert Forster was a man who clearly placed a lot of emphasis on having a quality education. He had given himself a college education having received numerous football scholarships. In his university life, his acting career witnessed certain sparks while he performed in famous student productions such as ‘Bye Bye Birdy’.

In the early stages of his career, Robert Forster earned his living acting as an apprentice in the East Rochester theatre where he had made appearances in productions such as ‘West Side Story’.  He moved to the Big Apple in 1965, where he got his Broadway breakthrough in the form of an opportunity to act alongside Arlene Francis in the play ‘Mrs. Dally has a lover’. Unfortunately, such opportunities had become scarce for the aspired actor, thereby leading him to seek work outside of Broadway.  
He moved to Rochester and began working at two jobs, one as a teacher at his old theatre and the other on a construction crew. His first appearance on television was in the form of Private Williams in the drama ‘Reflections in a Golden Eye’.
After undertaking this production in 1969, his acting career began to look up. He got offers for many small and minor roles and got the chance to act alongside many of the most notable actors of his time.

His work experience in many of the feature films allowed him to be well prepared when he got the leading role in the TV series ‘Banyon’ in 1973. It seemed that the series was not what brought out the best of his abilities causing the production to have a rather short lifespan.
The actor began to gain some momentum in the late 1970’s as he appeared in popular movies such as ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Avalanche’. His first lead in a movie came in the horror thriller ‘Alligator’ in the early 1980s. With the demand for action movies being at the peak during the 1980s, Robert found himself in the midst of thrillers such as ‘Vigilante’ and ‘Delta Force’. The opportunity to have starred alongside Chuck Norris may have been one of the highlights of his career.
During the 1980s, Forster found himself unemployed as there was once again a scarcity of work. The majority of his time was spent playing small roles, usually that of a villain. Life exploded in his career once again, when he got an offer to star as Max Cherry in 1997. The movie ‘Jackie Brown’ was directed by a friend and admirer, Quentin Tarantino. The seven hour audition that followed the interview was a testament to the hard work that Robert Foster had put in, finally leading to his Academy Award nomination. His increased national recognition got him lead roles in ‘All the Rage’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Supernova’.  

Robert Foster had quite a married life. He became the proud father of three daughters, Elizabeth, Kate and Maeghen Forster along with his currently divorced wife, June Forster. His fourth child was with ex-girlfriend friend Marlene. His son took birth in 1965 and was christened Robert Foster Junior.  
As of late, Robert Forster has recorded numerous audio books and also works as a motivational speaker from time to time. His recent TV appearance was in the much proclaimed NBC series, ‘Heroes’.

For more information, you could visit his personal website http://www.robertforster.com/www.robertforster.com/Home.html or study his life more extensively at http://www.hollywood.com/celebrity/197705/Robert_Forster
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