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looking for information about Robert Knepper
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The hairline, the seemingly cold eyes and the thin lips of Robert Knepper are favorites of numerous Hollywood producers in search of a suitable villain. Robert Lyle Knepper, born July 8, 1959, who also goes by the nickname of Rob, was the son of the veterinarian, Donald Knepper and the late Pat Deck.

Robert Knepper bio
Born and brought up in Freemont, the primary inspiration of acting for this future American star had come from his mother who had a job at a theatre company. His mother was not an actor herself and dealt with the props in the community theatre. However, it was at this stage of his life that young Robert had found the inspiration to become an actor. Afterwards, during his teenage years, he was very much active in theatrics, taking part in high school productions and performing at the community theatre. He graduated from the High School of Maumee in the class of 1977, having played in several dramas. His determination was pretty apparent due to the fact that he had completed his degree at North Carolina University in 1981 having studied drama. During his university life, he had taken part in numerous plays in Chicago. His ability to carry on his university life while nurturing his young acting career was indeed something commendable.

Robert Knepper movies
After completing his college education, he moved to the culturally vibrant city of New York in an effort to gain greater recognition in the acting circles. Although he never intended to take part in the big screen, his first big break came in the form the character, Steve Larwin in That’s Life.  After making his debut film in 1986, one year later he found himself landing the small role of a soldier in the war movie, Tour of Duty where he portrayed a racist soldier. The year of 1987 could be considered the beginning of Robert’s professional acting career, as he got to play the roles of Wyatt Miller in the popular science fiction movie, Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also made an appearance in Max Reid’s Wild Thing and in the television series of the Twilight Zone. In the preceding year, he played a role in D.O.A which was an unsuccessful remake of a 1950 production. Despite having played some minor roles in the late 1980s, his next notable opportunity came up in Young Guns 2, where he got to play the role of Deputy Carlyle. His acting could never be described as defunct as he was constantly appearing in TV series and movies.
Robert Knepper's appearance as Dr. Peter Kilmer in the hit TV series Law and Order: Criminal Intent is an example of the numerous minor roles that are now listed in his acting credentials. However, the majority of his publicity was gained when he played the role of Theodore Bagwell in the suspense thriller Prison Break. It was then that he had gained the recognition of being a most nefarious villain and which had enabled him to secure more roles such as  that of Don Surine in Good night and Good Luck, Will Bechler on Hostage and Tommy Dolan in Carnivale.

Robert Knepper's fan base enjoyed an exponential increase with his role in the Hitman in 2007 along with Yuri Marklov. It was then that he discovered that his surname of Knepper had a rather unpleasant meaning in Danish! The calm and ruthless character that he portrayed in the third edition of the Transporter in 2008 is really what cemented his legacy as one of the most talented villains of our generation.

Robert Knepper also enjoyed the privilege of having a very successful married life with his wife, Tory Herald whom he married back in 2005. His son was born named Benjamin Knepper and is his only child. He currently lives in Southern California.

Despite the cold and indifferent characters that he is so efficient in playing, Robert Knepper actually has a very good sense of humor and an undying passion for his profession.

More information regarding him can be found at www.robertknepperfans.com
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