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I am looking for information about Robert Patrick
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Robert Patrick's bio
If you are particularly fond of some of the well known American classics, then you must be familiar with the actor of Robert Patrick. His strong jaws and sky blue eyes make him ideal for the big screen and his illustrative acting career has done justice to his looks. This American heartthrob comes from Marietta Georgia and was the son of a local banker, Robert Patrick.
Robert Patrick's mother was Nadine Patrick who had given birth to five of his siblings. Patrick Junior was born in 1958 and although the fame that he gained in the future as an actor might suggest that he was always inspired to be one, you might be surprised to know that it was in fact quite the opposite.

Robert Patrick career and movies
In fact, when young Peter was asked to play a role in Peter Pan in the third grade, he had refused point blank because of the green tights that he was required to wear.
Quite oblivious to his abilities, he had attended Farmington High School where he had developed his athletic skills. His skills on the football team had enabled him to secure a position at Bowling Green State University after he had graduated High School in 1977. It was in this stage of his life that he become aware of the passion that he had for drama and acting.
Robert Patrick had in fact dropped out of his university so that he could pursue an acting career. However, as he had neither any experience nor any education in acting, getting jobs were considerably difficult from him. In fact before he had landed the legendary role in the second edition of the “Terminator”, his life was very harsh. He had a job as a house painter before he moved to Los Angeles, California and began working as a bar man. During this period, he had to live in his car and it was quite some time before he could perform on a stage. Even so he managed to get small roles in low budget films.

Before getting the role of the leading villain in Terminator 2, he did manage to get a small role in the action movie Die Hard 2, where he got the chance to act alongside Bruce Willis. It was later on in 1990 that he secured the role of T1000 in Terminator 2. He played the role of a robot designed to bring about the destruction of the human race. It was his sleek features that caught the attention of David Cameron. Before this opportunity, Robert was living with his girlfriend, Barbara in a cheap apartment but one opportunity was all that was needed for him to jump start his career. Afterwards he acted in Last Action Hero and Fire in the Sky, both hugely successful and within a few months of each other. His acting perspective did gain a certain depth after he appeared in Striptease in 1996. The same year he also played a role in the action film Cop Land.

Being on the cover of such major feature films had gained him a commendable reputation. Consequently, he was offered the role of John Dogett in the famous TV science fiction series of X Files. What was astounding was the fact that he was hand-picked by the creator, Chris Carter! Despite rising to become one of the most faces in the world of science fiction, Robert continued to have a soft spot for action films. He appeared in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle in 2003. He also landed a role alongside George Clooney in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats.   
It appeared that the boyishly good looks of Robert Patrick were only superficial. He had appeared in the recordings of several popular animations such as Swat Cats, Ben 10, and Avatar.

Robert Patrick personal life
Through it all, the person who had always stood by Robert was his long time girlfriend Barbara Patrick, whom he married in 1990. The 51 year old actor now enjoys a peaceful life with the love of his life.

To find out more about what he is up to, you can visit http://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/robert-patrick/172325
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