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I am looking for information about Robert Davi (an Actor)
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Robert Davi - Bio
Robert John Davi, without a shadow of a doubt is one of those legendary figures in American entertainment. His 6’3’’ frame and broad shoulders intimidates anyone who lays their eyes on him thus enabling him to be one of the toughest guys in Hollywood. He was born on the 26th of June in 1953 as the son of Sal and Mary Davi. He was born in Southern Italy until he and his family moved to New York City so that he could receive proper education. He had attended Seton Hall High School which was located in Patchogue, NY.
Robert Davi was a very talented singer and he had received much praise and acclamation in his school years. In fact he had received the New York State School Music Association award for singing Vincent Youman’s, “Without a song”.
He went on to study at Hofstra University on a drama scholarship. However, this young man had to deal with a terrible burden in the late 1970s while he had to deal with the deaths of his sisters, parents and grandparents. It was perhaps this sort of tragedy that attracted him to the sort of roles that he has became famous for.

Nevertheless, he moved on with his life and dreams and his first professional debut was with the Long Island Lyric Opera Company. However, soon afterwards he damaged his singing voice and chose to move on to acting.

Robert Davi movies
His first movie was in 1977 when he accepted a role in the movie, Sherry Street where he had the privilege of acting with Frank Sinatra, one of the most notable names in the history of American acting. It was this highlight of Davi’s career that makes him one of the veterans of the acting industry. His choice of films did not change much in the following years having performed in numerous action films. Having acted in films such as Die Hard in 1988 and Showgirls, Robert Davis had secured his legacy as one of the most inspiring actors of his generation. He also played a role in the gangster action thriller Scarface in 2006. His acting portfolio would include having taken part in movies, TV series and documentaries like, City Heat in 1984, Soul Keeper in 2001, Batman Beyond in 1999, Blind Justice in 1994 and Breaking Vegas in 1995. This man is famous for his portrayal of characters like Nino, Mallion, Agent Bailey Malum and Frank Smith and is what makes people remember his name. When thinking about the career of Robert Davi, it is easy to sum up and say that he had taken part in almost every notable action movie in the last three decades or so.

Having seen a substantial amount of the movie industry, Davi decided to make his directing debut in 2007 with The Dukes. The movie was a comedy drama depicting the tale of a couple of unsuccessful musicians plot to rob a bank. Needless to say Davi could refer to the bitter disappointment of his own singing career when directing this particular production.
Davi is quite the activist when it comes to upholding his Republican principals. He often takes part in Republican campaigns and offers his opinion. He also made a point of supporting former US president George. W. Bush and his policies for tackling terrorism.

Robert Davi personal life
Robert Davis has been married thrice in his life. His first wife was Jan Borenstein whom he had married in 1971. They divorced in 1980 which was the year, Davi had married Jeri McBride.  

After a child and ten years of marriage, their relationship too came to a halt. In 1990 he had married Christine Bolster with whom he has had 4 children. They are now separated.  
The 58 year old actor now lives in Astoria, Queens in New York and is scheduled to release his album “Davi sings Sinatra- On the road to Romance” in late spring of 2011.

For information on his current activities, you can visit his fan page at www.facebook.com/pages/Robert-Davi
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For the most accurate information about actor and recording artist Robert Davi, visit Davi's official website at http://davisingssinatra.com. ~ Sharon Dahlonega, Director of Communications, News Archives International