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I am looking for information about Robert Culp (an Actor)
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Robert Culp Bio
Every other person at one point or another of their lives must have dreamt of the lavish lifestyles that actors must lead. If there ever was an acting career that exemplified that particular fantasy, it was surely that of Robert Culp. Robert Martin Culp was born on the 24th of March in 1930 in Oakland, California. He attended Berkeley High school where he accomplished much in the athletics department. Robert Culp had demonstrated substantial talent in the sport of pole vaulting and was awarded second at the 1947 CIF California State Meet.

After graduating from high school, Robert had the opportunity to attend numerous universities. He attended College of the Pacific, Washington University of St Louis, San Francisco State College and University Washington School of Drama. Yet after all this time seeking his university education, he did not receive a university degree. For the following years, he did some small time theatre in San Francisco. He then moved to Seattle and finally to New York in 1951.

Robert Culp career and movies
His acting career took a leap to great heights when he was awarded the role of Hoby Gilman, a Texas ranger in the wildly popular television series Track Down. From 1957 to 1969, the southern television series was very popular with its audience until it came to an end. Robert Culp, however, was far from being unemployed. In 1962, he signed a contract with another southern television series, Rifles. In 1962, he also entered the platform offered by Disney Studios when he accepted a role in the family series, Sammy the Way Out Seal. There he played the role of the helpless father of Bill Mumy and Michael McGreevy, whose purpose was to keep his sons’ pets from causing chaos and mayhem in their sub urban neighborhood. It was during this time that he became interested in entering the film industry. Given the diversity of the characters that he was used to playing, one could say that he was well ready to hit the big screen. Even so, despite some attempts he was not able to be much of a success at that point in his career.

Ignoring the setback, his career on television reached new heights with the 1965 hit TV series, I spy. There, this 6’2” actor through the role of Kelly Robinson, a spy leading a double life, became probably one of the most popular television icons of that period. After the series came to an end, Culp stared as Bob in the movie, Bob and Carol and Ted Alice. Although, this movie received four Academy Award nominations, it could not be described as a huge success for him. However, it did enable him to pave way for Hannie Caulder in 1971. Later on he also teamed up with his former co star Bill Cosby in the 1972 comedy Hickey and Biggs.

Robert Culp personal life
He also had a very full married life as he was married five times! His spouses are Elayne Caroll, Nancy Asch, Francis Nuyen, Sheila Sullivan and Candace Faulkner. He is also the father of Joseph, Joshua, Jason and Rachel Culp. Nancy Asch was the mother of four of his children while Samantha Culp became his step daughter when he married Candace Faulkner.

Robert Culp death
It was clear that this was a man who had enjoyed life to the fullest; taking advantage of every pleasure that life had to offer. Considering the fact that he liked to play almost all kinds of roles also goes to show how much he liked to innovate his profession. He died on the 24th of March 2010 of a heart attack in LA. Even so people remember the sparkle in his eyes and the smile on his face.


For more information, you can visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Culp
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His birthday is August 16, 1930. Also I do not believe Samantha is a step child but is his own.
Samantha Culp is Robert's daughter with his last wife, Candace Wilson.