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I am looking for information about Robert Urich (an Actor)
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Robert Urich Bio
In the colorful history of American acting, there are perhaps a handful of actors who are as educated and as enthusiastic as the late Robert Urich. He was a man who had dedicated his life to his profession and had continued to display his generosity up until the day cancer took his life. Robert Michael Urich was born on the 19th of December in 1946. His Slovakian ancestry is mainly responsible for his rugged good looks and as a result of being brought up as a Roman Catholic, he was inbred with a very thorough sense of ethics and responsibility. He grew up in a small town in Toronto, Ohio contrary to the common misconception that he had born and brought up in Canada.

Robert Urich attended the Florida State University where Urich completed his bachelor’s degree in 1968 on radio and television communications. From that point on, he became a proud member of the fraternity known as Lambda Chi Alpha. He was clearly a man who gave a lot of importance to a person’s education. Contrary to the trends of his time, he continued on to Michigan State University where he completed his Masters in the field of Broadcast research and management. He had educated himself thoroughly so that he was learned in all the tricks of the television business.     

Robert Urich Movies
He married actress Barbara Rucker in 1968 but due to reasons unknown, he was not able to continue this marriage. They got divorced in 1974. Of course that was before Robert got the opportunity to guarantee success to his career. In 1972, he was offered a role in the critically acclaimed stage production of The Rainmaker. In 1973, he gained a lot of recognition after he appeared opposite the legendary Clint Eastwood in the 1970 hit action movie, Magnum Force. In the movie, Robert played the role of a police officer. After he broke off his first marriage with Barbara, he found his life partner when he married Heather Menzies in 1975 to whom he was happily married till the end of his life.

After his appearance in The Rainmaker, Robert Urich appeared as Bob Sanders in the television series Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice in 1973. He took part in other notable productions such as S.W.A.T in 1975 where he donned the persona of Officer Jim Street. Urich also starred in Fighting Back: The Rocky Blier Story where he played the role of Rocky Blier back in 1980. He gained enormous popularity with the hugely successful television series Spencer for Hire, where he acted the part of Spencer. Movies were eventually produced based on this sitcom in the late 1980s. He also took part in numerous documentaries such as the National Geography Explorer where he contributed as the narrator for over ten years.

His last serious acting project was The Lazarus Man where he had landed the main role of Lazarus in 1996. Unfortunately it was later in the same year that he was diagnosed with synovial cell sarcoma—a rare type of cancer that attack the joints of the human body. Due to his deteriorating health, the series was soon cancelled. Afterwards, he made numerous guest appearances in talk shoes and TV series like the The Nanny in 1997 and Emeril in 2001.

Robert Urich cancer
He became the national spokesperson for the American Cancer Society in 1998 and devoted a lot of his remaining time educating and raising cancer awareness. He died on the 16th of April 2002 at Thousand Oaks, California at the age of 55. He was the father of three children: Allison Grady, Ryan and Emily Urich.

For more information regarding the life and works of Robert Urich, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Urich
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