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I am looking for information about Robert Wisdom (an Actor)
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Robert Wisdom actor biography
Robert Wisdom is one of those actors who bring a completely new perspective to the canvas of American cinema. Very much passionate and creative, his acting skills have gained a lot of praise in recent years and he has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. He is of Jamaican ancestry but was born in Washington D.C on September 14th 1953. He is the second oldest of the three children. He spent his teenage years in Washington where he attended St. Alban’s school. It was when he went to seek college education at Columbia University that he had to settle in the exciting and dynamic, New York City. He completed his bachelors having done a double major in history and economics.

Robert Wisdom movies
He began to consider his acting career in the early 1990s. His first acting opportunity came when he had the opportunity to play the role of Mort in the 1994 movie, Clean Slate. From there onwards, as his acting portfolio began to grow, so did his reputation as a dedicated and talented actor. He played the role of Bobby Washington in the 1996 comedy That Thing you Do and went on to don the personality of Slim in the 1999 action thriller The Heist. He made sure that his experiences as an actor are quite extensive, making sure to play the roles of a wide range of characters. This is something that can be proved by his appearance in the 2003 comedy Duplex where he got the opportunity to work with notable actresses like Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. He had the small role of a police officer but then again there is the phrase, “There are no small roles, only small actors”—something Robert Wisdom was not.
He played the role of Carl Dayton n the 2004 horror flick of The Forgotten. He did have some experience in the horror department this decade as he played the role of Officer Peter in the infamous Saw IV.

He has also had a substantial impact in the television department. Robert Wisdom has played numerous roles in many of television’s most popular series. He has appeared in the crime drama series of Law and Order back in 2009 posing as Father Theo. With his solemn looks and deep voice, he did bring flavor to the character. He appeared in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit where he played the role of a priest who demanded justice for his step daughter--the victim of heinous war crimes. He also made an appearance as Angel Uriel in season 4 of the biblical drama Supernatural. Such is the diversity of the characters that he plays and such is his talent that he does justice to the role regardless of whether he is posing as Vaughn in the action spy thriller of “Burn Notice” or whether he is playing the role of Lechero in the award winning TV series, Prison Break.

Landing guest appearances so frequently has led to him securing more influential roles. He currently stars in the HBO production of The Wire where he plays the role of Howard Bunny Colvin. This particular role has enabled him to make a bigger name for himself as his fan base enjoys a significant increase in numbers. He recently performed in The Hawk is Dying at the Sundance film festival alongside Michael Pitt, Paul Giamatti and Michelle Williams. The highlight of this 6’2” inch tall Jamaican’s career may have been his performance in the Oscar award winning movie of Ray which was produced back in 2004. He had starred alongside Jamie Foxx in that critically acclaimed production.

Robert Wisdom has a lot of passion of music as well and enjoys playing the Cuban Drums. He is the sort of person who travels around the world in search of the things that he is fond of.

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