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who knows what language is spoken in Bhutan? is there a list of languages spoken in Bhutan?

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list of languages spoken in Bhutan:


language Language Code Language status Lang. Pop. (%) Wiki Info
Dzongkha dz Official 47% See link
Nepali ne 17% See link
Tshangla tsj 15% See link
Lepcha lep 3.9% See link


An official language is a language that is given a special legal status in a particular country.


According to the The Unicode Consortium the overall literacy rate (The ability to read and write) in Bhutan is 52%.


More information about languages spoken in Bhutan (see links):
Information links (Principal Languages, Immigrant Languages, Language Counts, etc.) about Languages spoken within Bhutan - See link.
A complete Bhutan's languages summaries - See link.
Map showing the locations of languages in Bhutan - See link.


The Unicode Consortium - See link.
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