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I am looking for information about robert bruce gray (an Actor).
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Robert Bruce Gray Biography
As an actor, it is one’s pleasure to enjoy the diversity of the characters. It is something that clearly led Robert Bruce Gray in achieving success in his acting career. Robert Bruce Gray was born on the 7th of September in 1936 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Despite him being of Canadian descent, his parents had settled there for a brief period of time. They moved back to Toronto, Canada, when Bruce was 13. He attended Humberside Collegiate Institute and even in his High School Years, his enthusiasm and talent was very much apparent. Besides being on the honor’s role, he was also on the swim team and the student council. He completed his Masters from the University of Toronto in Psychology and moved to London in 1960 where he entered the acting world.

Robert Bruce Gray Career
His first theatre appearance was in 1960 in the Theatre Royal in bath. A couple of years later, he returned to Toronto and opened his own theatre company, Aries Production. It was during this time that he made guest appearances in popular TV series such as The Son of a 100 Kings and Strange Paradise. His performances in those roles caught the attention of many producers in US.

Robert Bruce Gray Movies
The preceding years were very busy for Gray. Robert Bruce Gray got himself small roles in many films through which he built his reputation as an actor. He appeared as Russ in the 1966 drama, “Adulterous Affair”. He appeared in the TV series “Eye of the Storm” in 1979 where he played the role of Owen Madison. Robert Bruce Gray also made a guest appearance as Mark Wilcox in the 1989 hit TV series, “The Young and the Restless”. He remained active during much of the 80s with both television and movies. He got roles in movies like Breaking Up, Dropout Father, For Love and Honor, Invitation to Hell and the 1986 action movie, Let’s Get Harry where Bruce played the role of Ambassador Douglas. 1987 could be considered as an epic point in his career as he got the opportunity to work alongside Tom Hanks while playing the role of mayor Paruin in Dragnet, a movie remake of a series that had been popular for quite a long time. He appeared in 1988 in the ward drama, Tour of Duty as Lt. Col Dalby.

Robert Bruce Gray Funs
However, regardless of his contributions in numerous films and series, his fan’s fondest memory of him is in the form of investment banker Adam Cunningham. For that, was the role he had played in the financial thriller, Trader. This was Gray’s most prominent leading role and the show went on to produce five series.  The show aired from 1996 to 2000 with Gray taking part in over 80 episodes.  

Robert Bruce Gray's recent appearances in TV would include his appearance in the drama Bold and the Beautiful in 2006 as Judge Morrissey and as Uncle Scott in Falling Skies in 2011. On the movie platform, he was part of the huge success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding which was a romantic comedy where Gray starred as Rodney Miller. He also played the role of a congressman in the popular comedy starring Steve Carrel in Evan Almighty.

The hobbies of Robert Bruce Gray would include traveling and writing. In fact he has the habit of collecting primitive masks and art from Africa and New Guinea. His writing has been published in the American Theatre Magazine as well as the Equity Newsletter. Another reason why he is so inspirational as a person is because of the fact that he is quite the philanthropist. He is active in the “Aid Project, LA” campaign as well as in the “Angel Food” initiative. He has also made contribution to breast cancer research in the North York diagnostic centre.

To stay up to date with the activities of the 74 year old Robert Bruce Gray, you can go to his personal website at http://www.bruce-gray.com/
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