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Who is Robert Downey Jr?
I am looking for information about  Robert Downey Jr, information like:Robert Downey Jr's bio, movies, career, personal life etc...
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Robert Downey Jr.

Better known to his friends as Bob, Robert Downey Jr, Born on April 4, 1965, he interacted with the filming industry at the very tender age of 5, when he made an appearance in his father’s film Pound. He took acting as a profession since the early 1980s when he had roles in the series Coming of Age. Celebrity, with its many bittersweet highs and lows, led to his involvement with drugs which greatly affected his career in the mid 90s, all the way to into the millennium. With support and love from family and friends, however, Bob was able to make a comeback in his career and life.
  Robert Downey Jr Career
Robert Downey's acting career has won him numerous awards and recognition worldwide. He got nominated for the Oscar award in the Best Actor in 1992 where he was the very first cast member of Saturday Night Live to get such a nomination.

In the same year, he won the BAFTA award for the Best Actor in Chaplin. The next year saw
him receive the Saturn Award for the Best Male Actor for Hearts and Souls. His comeback into the career after his sobriety earned him massive recognition.

The Chicago International Film Festival in 2003 honored him with a Career Achievement Award. The Time Magazine in 2008 ranked him among the 100 Most Influential People in the World. This came after a series of more recognitions and honors by other institutions.
Robert Downey Jr. was the younger of the two children Robert Downey had with his first wife, Elsie Downey, who was an actress. Bob’s sister, Allyson Downey is also an actress and a writer. Robert Downey Sr. and Elsie divorced in 1978 when Bob was 13. At 10, Bob lived in England where he studied classical ballet but moved to California with his father after his separation. He went to Santa Monica High School but dropped out and moved back to New York in pursue of his acting career.

Before drugs put him down, Downey had roles in Saturday Night Live (1985), a comedy show; Tuff Tuff (1985) as James Spader; the Pickup Artist (1987) which was his first lead role; Less Than Zero (1987) as Julian Wells, a drug addict who despite his rich and affluent background has his life spiraling out of his control and Chaplin (1992) where he starred as Charlie Chaplin. This role got him a nomination as the best actor in academy award 65th ceremony. Other 1990 films he played roles in include Two Girls and a Guy, Short Cuts, Heart and Souls, Natural Born Killers, Only You, Restoration and the Last Party.

He then left the acting scene to take care of his drug issues and made an amazing comeback in August 2001 with his lip-synching role in I Want Love, an Elton John’s single. After that he featured in films like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Shaggy Dog, and also in Family Guy. During the same time, he released The Futurist, his own debut musical album. His big break came with his appearance in a blockbuster film as the main actor in the famed Ironman that released in April 2008. After that he got another leading role in Tropic Thunder in 2008, alongside Jack Black and Ben Stiller.

Bob started dating Sarah Jessica Parker in 1984 and they separated in 1991 due to his drug problem. He then met Deborah Falconer who he married in May 1992. They had a son, Indio Falconer Downey on 7th September 1993 and separated in 2001 due to Bob’s drug related problems. He met the love of his life, Susan Levin, executive vice president of production at Silver Pictures, during the shooting of Gothika, a film he played a role in. He attributes the success of picking up the pieces of his life together and total sobriety to Susan. A tattoo in Susan’s honor on his bicep shows his love and respect. He proposed on Susan’s thirtieth birthday and they married in August 27, 2005.

Robert’s outlook and perception of life and his relentless struggle to get out of the drug’s hold gives him favor with the public eye both as an actor and a person.
  For more information on Robert Downey Jr., visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000375/bio
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