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Who is Robert Michael Sheehan?
I am looking for information about  Robert Michael Sheehan, information like:Robert Michael Sheehan's bio, movies, career, personal life etc...
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Robert Michael Sheehan
Robert Michael Sheehan, mostly credited as Robert Sheehan, is probably the only actor who has been quoted voicing his doubts with his acting career and ‘waiting’ to see how it goes. Born in 7th January 1988 in Portlaoise in Ireland, the Irish actor is best known for the role he played as Nathan Young in the film misfits and also Cherry bomb, a 2009 film.

Robert Sheehan's father, who is now a retired police officer, and his mom, who is a registrar in a health board live a normal Portlaoise life, while Robert lives in London, right in the middle of celebrity and all its bittersweet moments. Robert Sheehan has an elder brother Brendan Sheehan and is a broker.

Sheehan was 14 years of age when he set out into acting when he played alongside Aidan Quinn in Song for a Raggy Boy. After that he did clutch of amateur and other professional projects like a Dublin, Ghostwood, An Creatur and Summer of the Flying Saucer. In 2008, he featured bitter sweet as Liam, a comedy drama and in 2009 he appeared as BJ in a channel 4 trilology called red riding.

Sheehan’s big break in his acting career came in 2010 when he became cast as Nathan, the petty delinquent in channel 4 misfits. This last minute chance to play this role rocketed Sheehan’s acting career and put him on the fame pedestal. He took the acting world by storm which got him an IFTA award in the rising star category. He is also nominated for BAFTA awards in the category of ‘male supporting actor’, which of course, will be another feather on the cap of his acting career.

Robert Sheehan has also played roles in thriller films. In 2011, he played a role in season of the witch, a US thriller. He is set to play a role in another British-Italian thriller, bleak sea, which will be released sometime in the year. It was announced in April 2011 that Robert Sheehan will be coming back with the fourth season of misfits.

Even with all those roles he has had in other films, Sheehan is still known as Nathan of misfits to the public. It’s no wonder his success in acting is entirely attributed to that series. To them that know him, Robert Sheehan is said to have an easy personality that is engaging at the same time. He’s good company and fun and most people find him easy going and the gentle mockery of his surrounding and also himself keep people around him. Like any other risen celeb, he is getting adjusted to the life of signing autographs, parties, waving and smiling in public and of course, public attention and follow up to every little business of his.

Attention from the public is somewhat overwhelming at first, but one gets used as the go on. Robert Sheehan is quoted saying how immune he has become to public attention and opinion. With his looks and status as a celebrity, you are sure to find many girls and women swooning over him. Sheehan had to burst their bubble by announcing his ‘happily taken’ status. He met his girlfriend, who is a horse handler, when they were preparing to act the film’ the season of the witch’. Apparently neither he nor Nicholas Cage had horse riding skills and training was part of the preparation. The horse handler stole Sheehan’s heart then and at the look of things, she is not about to give it back. Even with their busy work schedules and all, they still manage to see each other as she comes over with her daughter for the weekend.

When Robert Sheehan said he isn’t that much into acting and will have to wait and see what opens up, he didn’t know that acting would open up so many doors for him, including love. So maybe after all, he was meant to be an actor.
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