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Who is Robert Mitchum?
I am looking for information about  Robert Mitchum, information like:Robert Mitchum's bio, movies, career, personal life etc...
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Robert Mitchum

Some stars shine forever. Time cannot swallow the brightness they emit. One such star is Robert Mitchum. Robert Charles Durman Mitchum was born on 6th August, 1917; Also known as Mitch, Robert Mitchum was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. His father, James Thomas Mitchum was a railroad worker who was also a devout Methodist. His mother was Ann Harriet who had given birth to his sister Julie.

His father tragically died in a train accident when he was less than two years old. After the death of his father, his mother returned to Connecticut, as she was pregnant at that time and married a former Army major who helped her take care of her family. She was soon employed as a linotype operator when her children were old enough to live without her constant attention.

Of his siblings, Robert was the most adventurous and was a prankster who often got into trouble. Due his agile and wild nature he found and tried a lot of jobs, but monotonous routines did not satisfy his passion. In fact his work at Lockheed Aircraft caused him temporary blindness due to the excess stress.

Robert Mitchum's acting career mainly began in Long Beach, California where he appeared in numerous TV programs and commercials. The captivating good looks and the film noir type hairstyle all blended in with the roles he played. His first film noir crime movie was When Strangers Marry where he played the role of a serial killer.

Next was Undercurrent where he played the role of a sensitive young man troubled by his surroundings and the affairs of his brother and his suspicious wife.

The movies that he took part in the following years were of a different sort. The 1946 love drama The Locket, witnessed him playing the role of a bitter ex-husband; it was quite well received by the critics of that time. It is also said that Mitchum was comfortable in his role in the 1947 suspense thriller Pursued where he played the role of a lone man who had trouble getting his memory back when he finally realised his actual aim was to hunt down the ones responsible for his family’s death.

The biggest breakthrough of his career followed shortly with the release of Crossfire in 1947, where he played the role of a soldier who was part of a group that had unlawfully murdered Jews. The film pointed out the flaws in army training and their inability t cope with difficult situations. It was directed by Edward Dmytryk and was good enough to have received five Academy Award nominations.

His brief prison experience in 1948 had made way for an unlikely source of inspiration for the 1949 drama movie She Shoulda Said No! Later it was proved that he was unjustly accused and all his charges were dropped. The people associated with him then were a bit uncomfortable with this situation but it did nothing to slow down his career.

The expression of utter tranquility that always haunted his eyes was something that always drew great public admiration. Not only did he succeed as an actor but he was well known as a composer and a singer as well. He released an album named Calypso in 1957 and also recorded a song named the The Ballad of Thunder Road which received quite a lot of accolade in the American music industry.

He was married to Dorothy Spence throughout his life and the couple was quite happy given the troubled road they had to go through. He died on 1st July, 1997 as a result of cancer and other lung complications, leaving behind his three children James, Christopher and Petrina Mitchum. Both of Robert’s siblings happened to grow up to be successful actors themselves. Both of them along with Robert’s children are an undeniable part of their legacy along with almost 100 productions that he was a part of.

More information about this actor can be found at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm000053/
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