Acaciella angustissima information

Does anybody know what are the medicinal uses or any other ethnobotanical uses of Acaciella angustissima?

If you know websites containing any information about Acaciella angustissima please link to them.


I didn’t find in Dr. Duke’s database, any information about the uses of Acaciella angustissima
Here is some basic information about Acaciella angustissima.


Acaciella angustissima basic info
Scientific Name: Acaciella angustissima (Mill.) Britton & Rose.
Family: Leguminosae.
Genus: Acaciella.
Common names in English: prairie acacia, prairie acacia, prairie wattle, white-ball acacia, whiteball acacia.
Description: Acaciella angustissima (Prairie acacia, White ball acacia, Ocpatl, Palo de Pulque) is most recognized for its drought tolerance and its ability to be used as a green manure and ground covering. It is a perennial, deciduous, and belongs to the Fabaceae family (bean/legume) and as it grows it starts as a shrub but eventually matures to a small tree. The tree has a high density of leaves along with small clumps of white flowers and creates 4-7 cm long seed pods. Acaciella angustissima is found in tropical areas around the equator since, its water needs can vary from 750-2,500 mm a year. It has an advantage it can withstand a moderate drought, since its leaves are retained even in long dry periods. Aside from being drought tolerant, Acaciella angustissima also has the benefit of being a green manure, since it has such a high leaf density, but also loses the majority of its leafs each season. So the leafs can be used in composting or can be saved and used as livestock feed. It should only be used as an additive to the feed and not the main source, since it also toxic in high doses – for more info about Acaciella angustissima See link



Acaciella angustissima in other websites
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