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Hi, Im looking for information about the national anthem of Brazil.

Who wrote the Brazilian national anthem (lyrics and music)?

When was the national anthem of Brazil officially adopted?

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The National anthem of Brazil is “Hino Nacional Brasileiro” which means in English “Brazilian National Anthem”.
Brazil’s anthem lyrics were written by Joaquim Osorio Duque ESTRADA and the music was written by Francisco Manoel DA SILVA.
Music Adopted 1890, Lyrics Adopted 1922; The Anthem’s Music, Composed In 1822, Was Used Unofficially For Many Years Before It Was Adopted.
National anthem of Brazil free mp3 download
Press to download the mp3 file of Brazil’s National anthem – See link (file source: cia world factbook).
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Brazilian anthem lyrics (English translation)
First Stanza
The placid banks of the Ipiranga heard
The resounding cry of a heroic folk
And the sun of Liberty in shining beams
Shone in the homeland’s sky at that instant.
If the pledge of this equality
We managed to conquer with strong arm,
In thy bosom, O Freedom,
Our chest defies death itself!
O beloved,
Idolized homeland,
Hail, hail!
Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid ray
Of love and hope descends to earth
If in thy comely, smiling and limpid sky
The image of the (Southern) Cross blazes.
Giant by thine own nature,
Thou art beautiful, thou art strong, an impavid colossus,
And thy future mirrors that greatness.
Adored Land
Amongst a thousand others
Art thou, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!
Of the sons of this ground
Thou art kind mother,
Beloved homeland,
Second Stanza
Eternally lying on a splendid cradle,
To the sound of the sea and under deep sky light
Thou flarest, O Brazil, crocket of America,
Illuminated by the sun of New World!
Than the showiest land,
Thy smiling, pretty prairies have more flowers
“Our groves have more life”,
“Our life” in thy bosom “more loves”.
O beloved,
Idolized homeland,
Hail, hail!
Brazil, of eternal love be a symbol
The starred labarum which thou displayst
And say the laurel-green of thy pennant
‘Peace in the future and glory in the past.’
But if thou raisest the strong cudgel of Justice,
Thou wilt see that a son of thine flees not from battle,
Nor do those who love thee fear death itself.
Beloved Land,
Amongst a thousand others
Art thou, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!
Of the sons of this ground
Thou art gentle mother,
Beloved homeland,
You can find more information about Brazilian anthem on Wikipedia – See link.
Sheet Music: View the Brazilian national anthem sheet music – See link.


Brazilian national symbol: Southern Cross constellation.

Brazil flag

Conventional short form country name: Brazil.
Conventional long form country name: Federative Republic of Brazil.
Local short form country name: Brasil.
Local long form country name: Republica Federativa do Brasil.
Brazil Government Type: federal republic.
Federal republic is a state in which the powers of the central government are restricted and in which the component parts (states, colonies, or provinces) retain a degree of self-government; ultimate sovereign power rests with the voters who chose their governmental representatives.ֲ