Czech Republic national anthem song

Hi, Im looking for information about the national anthem of Czech Republic.

Who wrote the Czech national anthem (lyrics and music)?

When was the national anthem of Czech Republic officially adopted?

Please add any valuable information like links to anthem’s mp3, video, lyrics, free sheet music etc.


The National anthem of Czech Republic is “Kde domov muj?” which means in English “Where is My Home?”.
Czech Republic’s anthem lyrics were written by Josef Kajetan TYL and the music was written by Frantisek Jan SKROUP.
Adopted 1993; The Anthem Is A Verse From The Former Czechoslovak Anthem Originally Written As Part Of The Opera “Fidlovacka”.
National anthem of Czech Republic free mp3 download
Press to download the mp3 file of Czech Republic’s National anthem – See link (file source: cia world factbook).
Listen to Czech Republic national anthem on Youtube
Czech anthem lyrics (English translation)
Where is my home, where is my home?
Water roars across the meadows,
Pinewoods rustle among crags,
The garden is glorious with spring blossom,
Paradise on earth it is to see.
And this is that beautiful land,
The Czech land, my home,
The Czech land, my home!
You can find more information about Czech anthem on Wikipedia – See link.
Sheet Music: View the Czech national anthem sheet music – See link.


Czech Republic
Czech national symbol: double-tailed lion.

Czech Republic flag

Conventional short form country name: Czech Republic.
Conventional long form country name: Czech Republic.
Local short form country name: Cesko.
Local long form country name: Ceska republika.
Czech Republic Government Type: parliamentary democracy.
Parliamentary democracy is a political system in which the legislature (parliament) selects the government – a prime minister, premier, or chancellor along with the cabinet ministers – according to party strength as expressed in elections; by this system, the government acquires a dual responsibility: to the people as well as to the parliament.ֲ