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The National anthem of Italy is “Il Canto degli Italiani” which means in English “The Song of the Italians”.
Italy’s anthem lyrics were written by Goffredo MAMELI and the music was written by Michele NOVARO.
Adopted 1946.
The Anthem, Originally Written In 1847, Is Also Known As “L’inno Di Mameli” (Mameli’s Hymn), And “Fratelli D’italia” (Brothers Of Italy).

Italy national anthem

Italian anthem lyrics (English translation)

Brothers of Italy,
Italy has woken,
Bound Scipio’s helmet
Upon her head.
Where is Victory?
Let her bow down,
For God created her
Slave of Rome.


Let us join in a cohort,
We are ready to die.
We are ready to die,
Italy has called.
Let us join in a cohort,
We are ready to die.
We are ready to die,
Italy has called! Yes!

We were for centuries
downtrodden, derided,
because we are not one people,
because we are divided.
Let one flag, one hope
gather us all.
The hour has struck
for us to unite.


Let us unite, let us love one another,
For union and love
Reveal to the people
The ways of the Lord.
Let us swear to set free
The land of our birth:
United, for God,
Who can overcome us?


From the Alps to Sicily,
Legnano is everywhere;
Every man has the heart
and hand of Ferruccio
The children of Italy
Are all called Balilla;
Every trumpet blast
sounds the Vespers.


Mercenary swords,
they’re feeble reeds.
The Austrian eagle
Has already lost its plumes.
The blood of Italy
and the Polish blood
It drank, along with the Cossack,
But it burned its heart.

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More facts

  • Italian national symbol: white, five-pointed star (Stella d’Italia).
  • Conventional short form country name: Italy.
  • Conventional long form country name: Italian Republic.
  • Local short form country name: Italia.
  • Local long form country name: Repubblica Italiana.
  • Former name of Italy: Kingdom of Italy.
  • Italy Government Type: republic.

Republic is a representative democracy in which the people’s elected deputies (representatives), not the people themselves, vote on legislation.ֲ
You can find more information about Italian anthem on Wikipedia – See link.