Poland national anthem song

Hi, Im looking for information about the national anthem of Poland.

Who wrote the Polish national anthem (lyrics and music)?

When was the national anthem of Poland officially adopted?

Please add any valuable information like links to anthem’s mp3, video, lyrics, free sheet music etc.


The National anthem of Poland is “Mazurek Dabrowskiego” which means in English “Dabrowski’s Mazurka”.
Poland’s anthem lyrics were written by Jozef WYBICKI and the music was written by traditional.
Adopted 1927; The Anthem, Commonly Known As “Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela” (Poland Has Not Yet Perished), Was Written In 1797; The Lyrics Resonate Strongly With Poles Because They Reflect The Numerous Occasions In Which The Nation’s Lands Have Been Occupied.
National anthem of Poland free mp3 download
Press to download the mp3 file of Poland’s National anthem – See link (file source: cia world factbook).
Listen to Poland national anthem on Youtube
Polish anthem lyrics (English translation)
Poland has not yet perished,
So long as we still live.
What the alien force has taken from us,
We shall retrieve with a sabre.
March, march, Dִ…browski,
From the Italian land to Poland.
Under your command
We shall rejoin the nation.
We’ll cross the Vistula and the Warta,
We shall be Polish.
Bonaparte has given us the example
Of how we should prevail.
March, march…
Like Czarniecki to Poznaֵ„
After the Swedish occupation,
To save our homeland,
We shall return across the sea.
March, march…
A father, in tears,
Says to his Basia
Listen, our boys are said
To be beating the tarabans.
March, march…
You can find more information about Polish anthem on Wikipedia – See link.
Sheet Music: View the Polish national anthem sheet music – See link.


Polish national symbol: white eagle.

Poland flag

Conventional short form country name: Poland.
Conventional long form country name: Republic of Poland.
Local short form country name: Polska.
Local long form country name: Rzeczpospolita Polska.
Poland Government Type: republic.
Republic is a representative democracy in which the people’s elected deputies (representatives), not the people themselves, vote on legislation.ֲ