what is the internet code for Antarctica

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what is the internet code for Antarctica?


the internet code for Antarctica is – “.aq”.


Information about .aq domains
There are estimated to be about 73 domains with .aq suffix (2014).
The Intended use for .aq domains is for entities connected with Antarctica.
Actual use: Several scientific stations and projects in Antarctica have sites in this domain.
The .aq internet code was Introduced in 1992.
The Sponsoring Organisation for .aq domains is “Antarctica Network Information Centre Limited”.
Structure of .aq ccTLD: Registrations are taken at second level.
Registration restrictions of .aq domain: Must have physical presence in Antarctica or be a governmental organization signatory to the Antarctic Treaty.
Antarctica Network Information Centre Limited’s contact details – See link.
You can see more details about the .aq ccTLD in Wikipedia – See link.


Internet website in Antarctica with .aq code (2014)
.aq code is used by less than 0.10% of all world’s websites.





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