what is the meaning of Amygdalitis

I would like to know what is the meaning of “Amygdalitis” in English and what is the correct translation in Spanish?

I saw this term in a list of ethnobotanic uses.


Meaning of Amygdalitis
Amygdalitis or Tonsillitisis inflammation of the tonsils most commonly caused by viral or bacterial infection. Symptoms may include sore throat and fever.


Amygdalitis in Spanish is Amigdalitis
La amigdalitis o anginas es la inflamaciֳ³n de una o de las dos amֳ­gdalas palatinas (masas de tejido ovales, carnosas, grandes que estֳ¡n en la pared lateral de la orofaringe a cada lado de la garganta). Estas agrupaciones de tejido contienen las cֳ©lulas que producen anticuerpos ֳ÷tiles en la lucha contra la infecciֳ³n. – See link


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