what is the meaning of Oxyuris

I would like to know what is the meaning of “Oxyuris” in English and what is the correct translation in Spanish?

I saw this term in a list of ethnobotanic uses.


Meaning of Oxyuris
A genus of nematodes commonly called seatworms or pinworms. Oxyuris equi, the horse pinworm, is a common parasite of horses in all parts of the world, inhabiting the large intestine. – See link


Oxyuris in Spanish is Enterobius
Enterebius es un gֳ©nero de nematodos rabdֳ­tidos de la familia Oxyuridae, conocidos vulgarmente como oxiuros. La especie mejor conocida es el oxiuro humano (Enterobius vermicularis, antiguamente Oxyuris vermicularis), un parֳ¡sito distribuido en todos las regiones del mundo y que provoca la infecciֳ³n conocida como enterobiasis u oxiuriasis (infecciֳ³n por oxiuros) en los humanos. – See link


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